The Plan For
A Better Future

Our plan builds on past successes and current best practices to:

  • Expand high-quality, affordable preschool to all children,
  • Increase the number of apartments and homes affordable for working families, and
  • Connect families to jobs, schools and amenities with frequent and reliable transit.

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The Need is Great

Households w/ children: 21,933

Percent of low-income households w/ children*: 46%

Percent of Cost Burdened Renters**: 51.5%

Cost of an area home compared to the median income: 4.2x

Avg. annual transportation costs for two adults: $4,428

Avg. annual enrollment fee for high-quality preschool: $9,300

*less than 200% of federal poverty line equal to a family of 3 earning less than $40,180/year
**paying more than 30% of income on rent/utilities


1. Early Childhood Education

High quality preschool can solve problems in early childhood development and provides our children a foundation for their future educational –and career—success.

Our plan implements Asheville-Buncombe Preschool Planning Collaborative’s plan to provide affordable, high-quality preschool for all.
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2. Attainable Family Housing

The neighborhoods and communities that families call home have enormous impact on children’s health, well-being and educational success.

Our plan increases the County's Affordable Housing Services program to fund new construction of housing and down payment and rental assistance for our region's working families.
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Photo courtesy of Just Economics

3. Better Public Transit

Transportation expenses represent a significant portion of a family’s budget – increasing the further away you live from jobs and amenities.

Our plan invests in the City of Asheville's new Transit Master Plan to bring Asheville’s regional transit system into the 21st century, so riding the bus works better for city and county residents.
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Get Involved

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Supporting Organizations

  • Children First
  • Just Economics
  • Asheville Area Habitat For Humanity
  • Carolina Jews For Justice
  • Mountain Housing Opportunities
  • MountainTrue
  • OnTrack WNC Financial Education & Counseling
  • Transit Committee (City of Asheville)

Individual Endorsers

Titles and organizations for identification purposes only.

  • Amy Cantrell,
    Beloved Asheville
  • Amy Vermillion Carroll,
    The Dripolator Coffeehouse
  • Brandee C. Boggs
  • C. Nicole Hinebaugh,
    Bountiful Cities, Program Director
  • Caroline Rodier,
    Inn on Westwood, Co-owner
  • Darin J. Waters,
    UNCA, Associate Professor and Executive Director for Community Engagement
  • Deborah Miles,
    UNCA, Director of Center for Diversity Education
  • Ellen Feingold,
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Emma Olson,
    NCCHW, Director of Partnerships and Evaluations.
  • Georganna Gogburn,
    MAHEC, Region 1 Lactation Trainer
  • James Steffe
  • Jane B. Hatley
    Self-Help Ventures Fund, Western NC Director
  • Jeffrey E. Heck, MD

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